Ruffa Gutierrez on Herbert Bautista: “He doesn’t give me stress”

Ruffa Gutierrez on Herbert Bautista: “He doesn’t give me stress, he just makes me glow, and that’s just what we need.”

RUFFA GUTIERREZ — The actress got real about her relationship with Herbert Bautista, who is running for senator in the May 2022 elections.

Ruffa Gutierrez
Photo source: Manila Bulletin

Ruffa has joined the long list of celebrities endorsing a lifestyle brand “Gutz & Glow”. The actress launched the brand in partnership with entrepreneur Maricor Flores at Pandan Asian Cafe Restaurant in Quezon City last April 25.

She also got real about her relationship with Herbert, who is one of the front-runners in the senatorial race. The actress is thankful for Herbert’s words of encouragement that inspired her to finish college.

Tama yung sinabi niya sa isang interview na we are in a mature relationship. Imagine I haven’t been in school for more than 30 years and when we first met each other on the set of ‘House Arrest of Us,’ talagang ine-eng-courage niya ako,” Ruffa shared. “So with him encouraging me, I was able to finish and get a college degree. I’ll be graduating in July and my kids are so proud of me.

Herbert Bautista
Photo source: Manila Bulletin

In July, the actress will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Communication Arts under the ETEEAP (Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program) at the Philippine Women’s University.

For her, Herbert “doesn’t give me stress” and “just makes me glow”.

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Ruffa also described Herbert as respectful and doesn’t take advantage of women. According to her, he’s the type of guy who is very slow, very respectful to her parents, and very respectful to her children.

These days, she said that she and Herbert are focused on their careers and respective goals.

Herbert Bautista and Ruffa Gutierrez
Photo source: Manila Bulletin

The actress said that she’s not dating any guys at the moment because she’s focused on her career and improving herself, adding that she’s thankful that Herbert has the same goals as hers.

Ruffa was also asked if she wanted to get married again.

We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” Ruffa said. “Lahat kayo kasama ko sa journey ko noon kay Ylmaz (Bektas). It was a very adventurous and unforgettable experience, and it was also very traumatic. So I’m not the type who will just jump into a relationship and get married. I need my space. I don’t even know if I can be with someone 24/7 anymore. And I’m so happy that Herbert feels the same way.

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