VIDEO: Nico Bolzico Imitates Catriona Gray’s Iconic “Lava Turn”

Watch Video of Nico Bolzico Imitating Catriona Gray’s Iconic “Lava Turn”

NICO BOLZICO – The video of Nico Bolzico replicating Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray’s iconic “lava turn” goes viral.

Nico Bolzico is an Argentine model and entrepreneur. He is married to Solenn Heussaff, a Filipina-French actress, tv host, fashion designer, and model. They already have one lovely child named Thylane Katana Bolzico.

We first knew of Nico as Solenn’s partner, but he has since become a celebrity in his own right. His biggest claim to fame is his sense of humor.

Photo Source: @nicobolzico IG

Nico Bolzico’s jokes often involve his lovely wife Solenn and her daughter Thylane. His hilarious pranks may have a tendency to go overboard but he sure knows how to be adorable and sweet in his own unique way.

Last January, the 38-year-old entrepreneur took on the “Sinayang” meme of cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao. On FB, he uploaded a photo of him where he could be seen hanging using a hanger. It came with a caption, “Hi, ako nga pala ang sinampay mo.”

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Photo Source: @nicobolzico IG

Nico Bolzico recently shared a video that put smiles on netizens’ faces. In the video posted on his IG page, Nico could be seen replicating Catriona Gray’s iconic slow-mo turn.

Photo Source: Cosmo

After doing the turn, Nico Bolzico gave the former Miss Universe title-holder a handshake and posed like a beauty queen. Cat, on the other hand, could not help but laugh.

In the caption of the post, he wrote: “There is only one way to greet @catriona_gray… In case it was not obvious, I was trying to replicate her historical turn!”

Watch the video below:

In the comment section of the post, netizens had a laugh over Nico’s hilarious post. Here are some of their comments:

@goodtimesssss_: “hahahahahhaaha so funny nico”

@donyabyela: “Hahahaha ambot jud nimo Nico oy!”

@simplicitymareee: “This funny! Mr. bean of Phils heheheheh!”

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