JC Santos, Zanjoe Marudo Reveal Craziest Thing They Did For Love

JC Santos and Zanjoe Marudo shared their personal experiences about love

Kapamilya actors JC Santos and Zanjoe Marudo was asked about the craziest things they did in the name of love.

JC and Zanjoe had their fair share of heartbreaks and griefs. In a recent interview for their VivaMax movie 366 with actress Bela Padilla who also wrote and directed the movie, the two actors talked about dealing with heartbreak.

JC Santos
Photo: JC Santos / Instagram

Zanjoe said that he would love to go on solo trips every time he feels pain. For him, it is a good way to reconnect to himself. In JC’s case, he said that when he was still single, he would also go on solo soul-searching and he was able to find a nice spot n El Nido, Palawan years ago.

However, JC Santos shared that when dealing with grief, he prefers to embrace the pain and let himself feel it. “You have to feel it until it dries up. Otherwise it (the pain) will stay there and resurface when you’re alone or when there are triggers. You have to get past it completely and remove it from your system,” he said.

When asked about the craziest thing they did for love, JC shared that he almost decided to settle in another country. “I almost moved to another country to settle down back when I was 23—almost! Good thing, my dreams prevailed,” the actor said.

zanjoe marudo
Photo credit: @onlyzanjoemarudo IG

For Zanjoe Marudo, people who are in love do not really recognize that they are already doing crazy things. This is the reason why he said that he can’t categorize what he was doing as “crazy”.

“Everything you do for love, you don’t really notice whether it’s normal or crazy. There’s no specific thing that stands out for me, because, when I’m in love, I feel like every move I make is normal. I don’t assess my actions that way,” the movie co-star of JC Santos said.

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