Indian Tourist Drowned during Vacation at Zambales Beach Resort

Indian Tourist Drowned at Beach Resort in Zambales

INDIAN TOURIST – An Indian national got drowned during his vacation with his family and friends at a beach resort in Zambales.

A lot of people prefer to spend the Holy Week in another place, usually a beach resort, with family and friends. Some really take the time to be away from the crowd in the city and simply be surrounded by their loved ones.

In some cases, some people go to the beach to meditate and enjoy the silence as they contemplate the religious event. Many are really out on beaches.

However, this recent Good Friday, what was supposed to be a fun moment for Indian national Pramod Passi and his family and friends turned into an unfortunate event. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the Indian tourist got drowned during their outing in a beach resort in Zambales.

Indian Tourist Drown Zambales

Based on the report, Passi Pramod went with his family and friends to Crystal Beach Resort in the town of San Narciso. He is residing in Marikina City. The police reports stated that at around 1:15 in the afternoon, the Indian tourist went to the beach with his friend, Parveen Singh.

However, after a few minutes, they saw Passi waving his hands asking for help as he was getting drowned. The lifeguard immediately responded to rescue the Indian tourist but it took 15 minutes before his body was found.

Passi was brought to the nearest hospital but he passed away. The resort released a statement extending their condolences to the family of the Indian national. They recalled that they have lifeguards and signages indicating the areas where tourists may swim.

Passi Pramod was 52 years old at the time of his death. The unfortunate incident turned what was supposed to be a happy outing for him and his family into a tragic moment of loss and grief.

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