Holy Saturday Prayer for Today, April 16, 2022

A Holy Saturday Prayer You Can Pray with Your Family & Friends

HOLY SATURDAY PRAYER – Here is a prayer meditation for today, April 16, 2022, as most people in the world commemorate the death of Jesus Christ.

One of the religious events that a lot of people across the globe widely observe annually is the Holy Week which commemorates the passion and death of the Lord Jesus Christ. During the Holy Week, many individuals spend their time meditating at home and going to Churches for prayers and meditations. There are days of the week that are regular holidays to give time for everyone to observe the religious event.

Today is Holy Saturday or also called Black Saturday. It is a day for the commemoration of the death of the Lord Jesus Christ to free mankind from the bondage of sins. Many are into Holy Saturday prayer and meditations now at their homes or vigil sites.

Holy Saturday Prayer

Holy Saturday Prayer:

My Lord, You have given your life abiding the Father’s will with all Your Heart and guided by Your own Love for mankind to free us from the bondage of sin. You endured all the sufferings that could have torn our hearts and souls but Your immense love embraced all the pain to set us free.

Today, in silence and meditation, I mourn Your sufferings and death but I believe that it is a victorious passing for the world. My hope as I look forward to Your resurrection will comfort my heart that is in great pain now for what You had to endure for us. Help me, my Lord, to take this time to reflect on living a life that is according to Your example and the will of the Father. Change my heart that it will not dwell on Earthly things but look forward to those with real value in life – faith in God, love for everyone, and kindness towards everything.

Fill me with hope, my Lord, that Your light will always shine brighter than any pain that this world can offer, that no darkness can ever dim us as we stay under Your loving presence. I look forward to Your resurrection, my Lord. Fill me all that I need to be living worthily and celebrate Your new life after a triumphant death.

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