Aeriel Garcia and Patrick Sugui Are Married

Aeriel Garcia and Patrick Sugui are married.

Social media influencer Aeriel Garcia and former “Pinoy Big Brother” (PBB) housemate Patrick Sugui are married after more than three years as a couple.

Aeriel Garcia and Patrick Sugui
Photo: Ria Atayde / Instagram

As seen in the photos and videos shared by their guests on Instagram on Wednesday, the garden wedding gathered family and friends of the couple.

Among the celebrities who attended the said wedding were Gabbi Garcia, Sam Concepcion, Ria Atayde, Arthur Nery, Dani Barretto, Dominic Roque, and Chie Filomeno.

Sam Concepcion
Photos: Sam Concepcion/Instagram
Ria Atayde
Photos: Ria Atayde / Instagram

Aeriel and Patrick got engaged in December 2020. At that time, the couple had been together for 2 years.

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Last week, the couple shared a new set of prenuptial photos on their respective social media accounts wherein air serves as the main theme of their prenup shoot.

At that time, their event planner explained the story behind the photos in an Instagram post.

It is euphoric to find respect and reciprocity in someone who fits your jagged edges and fills your empty cup. And it is surreal to find that person becomes the air that you breathe and yet leaves you breathless at the same time,” La Belle Fete explained. “Aeriel is Pat’s air. And Pat is Aeriel’s heart. And as the air fills the whole body, the heart pumps the blood. And together, there’s life; there’s love.

Before their air-themed photo shoot, the couple also had a Korean-inspired prenup session last year.

Patrick rose to popularity in 2010 as one of the teen housemates in “Pinoy Big Brother.” Aeriel, meanwhile, has a wide following on social media as a gaming streamer and content creator.

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