Regine Velasquez Emotionally Talks About Relationship w/ Ogie Alcasid

Regine Velasquez had to go through a difficult time in her relationship with Ogie Alcasid

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez emotionally recalled the earlier part of her relationship with singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid that was hard for her to deal with.

regine velasquez ogie alcasid
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In a recent episode of Kapamilya morning talk show Magandang Buhay, Regine shared that she went through a tough time when she and Ogie were just starting their relationship.

Ogie was previously married to former beauty queen Michelle Van Eimeren. In being part of Ogie’s life at that time, Regine felt guilty. At the time when Ogie and Michelle were already having marital issues, Regine said that she unintentionally fell in love with Ogie.

However, Ogie would tell his wife that the problem was between him and his former wife, Regine said that she can’t deny the fact that she was part of it and that she was the third party.

Regine Velasquez Ogie Alcasid
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For a long time, the Songbird said that she would still feel guilty every time she would remember what happened. This is despite the fact that Michelle and the two kids of Ogie have already forgiven her.

Regine said that she can turn back the time, she would definitely choose not to hurt the kids. She has already processed the forgiveness that she needs to give to herself but still she can remember what happened.

I don’t like anyone, very sensitive ako na magsasakit-sakitan kesa sa masaktan kita,” she said with tears in her eyes. She also shared her message to those who are in the “third party” situation.

Yung mga nagiging third party, of course, we know what’s right and what’s wrong but sometimes when you are in that situation, pinipili mong ‘wag tingnan ang mali, pipilian mo lang tingnan ang puso mo,” she said adding that it is very difficult to decide not to be in this kind of situation.

Regine Velasquez stressed the value of loving one’s self. She also said that the happy feeling of someone in this situation can be temporary only, especially if the man can’t decide what to do with the relationship.

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