Joyce Pring Details Birth Experience To First Child

Joyce Pring shared her experience of being in labor for 16 to 17 hours.

JOYCE PRING — The Kapuso host recently detailed her birth experience to her first child as well as her experience of being in labor for 16 to 17 hours in her latest vlog.

Juancho Triviño also shared his side of the story during Joyce’s labor in the vlog.

Joyce Pring and Juancho Triviño
Photo: Joyce Pring / Instagram

In a vlog she posted last March 4, she said that giving birth was “one of the most spiritual experiences” she has ever had. According to her, she was already on her 40th week of pregnancy when she gave birth to her first child, baby Liam.

She shared that her ob-gyn noticed that she had low amniotic fluid when she went for her usual check-up on her 40th week and was advised to get induced to give birth.

Joyce added that she was stuck at 2cm from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm while she was feeling intense pain. During that time, Joyce thought that she was going to give birth through a c-section.

She also said that her ob-gyn already talked to her about the possibility of having to go through a c-section. At that moment, Joyce said that all she wanted was for her baby to be safe and healthy.

At around 12:00 am, she said that she was already at 5cm and had gotten her epidural which made her feel better.

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Just when the Kapuso host started to accept the fact that she might give birth through a c-section, she said that she miraculously became 8cm to 9cm dilated from 5cm in a span of 2 hours.

She also said that she was pushing for 20-25 minutes and finally gave birth to an 8-pound baby boy.

According to her, baby Liam is now 7 months old and already weighs 10kg.

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