Gretchen Barretto Notices ‘Expensive’ Watch Of Sen. Bato dela Rosa

Gretchen Barretto has this reaction when she watched the Senate hearing for E-sabong

Former actress Gretchen Barretto took notice of the “expensive” watch that Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa was wearing during a Senate hearing regarding the issues surrounding online cockfighting or E-sabong.

During the hearing, wealthy businessman Atong Ang, the business partner of Gretchen was one of the invited people. Based on the article by entertainment columnist Gorgy Rula in Pilipino Star Ngayon, the former actress shared a video on her Instagram Story last Monday.

gretchen barretto
Photo credit: Gretchen.Barretto FB

Gretchen Barretto watched the live streaming of the Senate hearing and she made some side comments while watching. The longtime partner of business tycoon Tonyboy Cojuangco was a bit irritated and said that Senator dela Rosa should stick with the issue.

“Get down to business Bato. Stop grandstanding. Just get down to the investigation,” Gretchen said. Then, the former actress noticed the watch that the lawmaker was wearing. “Ang mahal ng relo ni Bato. Saan kaya nanggaling ‘yan? “My God! A Senator has that watch, Oh my gosh!” Gretchen commented. It was not clear what brand of watch the Senator was wearing at that time.

The former actress also criticized the Senator’s line of questioning. She added that lawyers should be the ones who are sitting there and she said that a game show is fit for the lawmaker.

Gretchen Barretto
Photo courtesy of When In Manila

Meanwhile, Gretchen Barretto continues to help the frontliners and hospitals with her charitable endeavors. Amid the pandemic, she has given supplies of rice to medical staff and she also donated ambulances. This is aside from the love boxes that she gives to many people in the entertainment industry.

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