Dimples Romana Says She’s Excited To Meet “Baby E”

Dimples Romana: “I’m so thrilled to meet you in three months, baby E.”

DIMPLES ROMANA — The Kapamilya actress recently took to social media to express her excitement, saying that she’s thrilled to meet “baby E” in three months.

Dimples Romana
Photo: Dimples Romana / Instagram

With only 3 months to go before she gives birth to “baby E”, Dimples said that she can no longer wait to finally welcome her third baby with her husband Boyet Ahmee.

Dimples took to Instagram to share her thoughts about her third pregnancy. She said that while she feels terrified, she’s more than excited to finally meet her third child.

My third pregnancy signaled so many new beginnings and ends for me as a woman. Scary as FIRE may seem to most of us, just like any pregnancy, it is also quite liberating,” Dimples wrote. “This new journey has taught me to EMBRACE the FIRE and LIGHT inside of me. This is my third pregnancy journey and it still terrifies me and excites me all at the same time.

Dimples went on to share a message for her future child, saying that she’s thrilled to meet “baby E” in 3 months. According to her, “baby E” has ignited emotions of growth, self-preservation, love, and courage in her.

I’m so thrilled to meet you in three months, baby E,” Dimples said.

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She has been married to Boyet since 2003. It was only last March 18 when she made the surprising announcement to the public that she was pregnant with her third baby.

Their first-born daughter, Callie, has been preparing to move to Australia in order to pursue her dream of becoming a pilot. Dimples and Boyet also has a son named Alonzo, who is 7 years old.

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