Dani Barretto Shares Message For Julia Barretto On Her 25th Birthday

Dani Barretto shared a message for Julia Barretto on her 25th birthday.

DANI BARRETTOActress Julia Barretto recently received a birthday message from her sister as she is celebrating her 25th birthday.

Dani Barretto
Photo: Dani Barretto / Instagram

Julia is celebrating her 25th birthday on Thursday, March 10.

Sharing a throwback photo of the two of them on Instagram, Dani shared that Julia was the first person she felt responsible for, the first one she vowed to protect no matter what, to always keep her happy even if it means she always getting her way when they were kids.

According to her, she thinks she matured so early on because of her sister and she wanted to be the best example to her.

Julia Barretto
Photo: Julia Barretto / Instagram

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She added that her sister still believed and looked up to her for some reason even if she failed many many times growing up. Dani went on to express her love for her sister as she greeted her on her 25th birthday.

Happy happy Birthday to my OG baby girl! Congratulations on finally being 25! Hahahaha you’ll always be this tiny and cuddly to me,” Dani wrote. “I love you so much! You know there is absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do you for you guys.

Aside from receiving a birthday message for her, her boyfriend Gerald Anderson also wrote a short message for her as well.

The actor recently took to Instagram to share a series of pictures of himself with his girlfriend along with a short but sweet message for the birthday celebrant.

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