Diether Ocampo Refused to be Rescued after Car Accident?

Actor Diether Ocampo Figures in Car Accident in Makati

DIETHER OCAMPO – A responder claimed that the actor was seemingly refusing to be rescued after the car accident in Makati City.

Roads are among the riskiest places where accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Thus, drivers are reminded to be extra careful. There are several incidents in the past wherein car collisions left the people involved injured, or worst, dead.

Some of the accidents in the Philippines involved popular personalities. Recently, another actor, Diether Ocampo, was involved in a road accident.

diether ocampo
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Diether Ocampo figured in a road accident in Makati City. Based on a post of Publiko on Facebook, the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) driven by the actor hit the garbage truck that was parked along the service road of Osmeña Highway.

The accident involving the Ford Explorer of the actor and a parked garbage truck in Makati City transpired at around 12:24 in the morning. Based on the post, the speed and the intensity of the car crash left the front passenger side of the actor’s SUV broken. Other posts state that the hood of the car was severely damaged.

Diether Ocampo obtained injuries from the accident. However, based on the post, a responder in Makati claimed that the actor was seemingly refusing rescue.

Barangay Pio del Pilar’s Bantay Bayan member Joey Alicante claimed that Diether seemed like “resisting” to be taken by the Red Cross personnel and sent to the hospital. Allegedly, the actor was sulking and wanted to stand up while he was in the ambulance.

The Philippine Red Cross brought Diether Ocampo to Makati Medical Center. Based on the post, he has a wound on his forehead and his foot. As of this writing, there are still no updates as to the condition of the actor now. More updates may be posted soon.

Diether Ocampo
Diether Ocampo
Diether Ocampo

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