Woman Gets Stuck at the House of a Man She Met on a Blind Date Due to Lockdown

After being caught in the midst of lockdown, a woman gets stuck at the house of her blind date

A woman in China ended up getting stuck at the house of a man she met on a blind date following a swift COVID-19 lockdown.

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The COVID-19 pandemic remains to be the biggest challenge that the country is facing today. This disease that started way back in 2019 in Wuhan, China has placed a lot of lives at risk and has even taken the lives of many people.

In order to somehow lessen the surge of COVID-19 cases, lockdowns are being imposed.

In fact, swift lockdowns are routinely imposed in select areas in China when cases of the virus are detected as per zero COVID-19 policy.

Apparently, a woman in Zhengzhou, China got stuck at her blind date’s house due to lockdown.

Identified as Ms. Wang, the woman took to the Chinese social media platform WeChat wherein she shared her experience.

According to her, she was invited for a meal by her blind date at his residence, however, she got caught in the middle of a swift lockdown due to COVID-19 cases.

Ms. Wang revealed in an interview that she was stuck for four (4) days at her date’s house but for her, it was “not ideal.”

Nevertheless, her date had cooked every day for her while they’re stranded together.

Despite being together for less than a week, her date “doesn’t speak much”.

However, it’s not clear whether she still remains stuck at the house of her blind date.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 cases in Zhengzhou have increased to more than 100 over the past week. The prompted the local government to close non-essential businesses.

To test the city’s 12.6 million residents for any “silent” coronavirus carriers, large-scale COVID-19 testing drives are being rolled out.

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