Twitter Intros NFT Profile Pictures

Twitter is now allowing NFTs as hexagon-shaped profile pictures

NFT PROFILE PICTURES — Twitter recently introduced a new feature that would allow users to officially link their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to their profile photos.

However, the said feature is only limited to Twitter Blue subscribers.


Twitter Blue was a paid subscription service that offered new features such as alternative icons and color themes for users in the iOS app. The said subscription service lets subscribers read ad-free articles and undo their tweets.

If users happen to own an NFT, this means that as soon as they connected it to their account, people on Twitter can associate users’ accounts with their connected wallet’s public crypto wallet address.

As written on Twitter’s help page, the user’s account will be associated with his/her current and historical crypto wallet transactions and holdings, including “all other NFTs in that wallet, because this information is all available on the public blockchain”.


How it works?

In order for users to set their NFT as a profile photo, the requirements were the following: a Twitter app on an iOS device, a Twitter Blue subscription, and a crypto wallet (Argent, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger Live, MetaMask, Rainbow, and Trust Wallet).

Once users complied all requirements needed, all they have to do is to head to their profile, click on the Edit Profile button, and then tap on their profile photos.

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Below the usual “Upload photo” option on Twitter will be a “Choose NFT” option. Click “Choose NFT” and Twitter will take them to a page where they can connect their crypto wallet.

From their crypto service of choice, users can then choose among the NFTs they owned to set it as their profile picture, and the hexagon shape will be added automatically.

Twitter NFT Profile Pictures
Photo source: Gizguide

You can visit HERE for more details about this feature.

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