Twitter Expands Misinformation Reporting Feature In PH Ahead Of 2022 Elections

Twitter expanded its misinformation reporting feature in the Philippines ahead of the 2022 elections.

On Monday, Twitter said that it expanded its misinformation reporting feature on its social media platform to the Philippines ahead of the 2022 elections.

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Twitter said that its new safety feature on reporting potential misinformation, which the company had been testing in selected areas, was available in the Philippines, Brazil, and Spain.

Under Twitter’s new safety tool, users can flag a tweet and mark the said tweet as “It’s Misleading” under the Report Tweet tab. The said feature was rolled out in the United States, Australia, and South Korea last August.

Expanding the coverage will allow the company to draw more feedback from the community in order to help further understand the “conversation and challenges around misinformation”.

In a statement, Twitter said that they hoped its misinformation reporting feature will help their teams better understand emerging narratives and misinformation trends at scale, advancing their ability to detect misleading content on the platform in real-time.

We’ll continue to use the data from this test to inform how we use misinformation reports and roll out this feature globally throughout 2022,” Twitter said.


Based on its data, the “vast majority” of content the company took action on were under COVID-19 misinformation, civic integrity, and synthetic and manipulated media policies.

According to Twitter, more than 50% of violative content was seen by automated systems while the majority of the remaining content was through regular monitoring of internal teams and partners.

The company said that they wanted to understand if and how public reporting options can improve the speed and breadth of their efforts in order to identify potentially harmful misinformation.

Twitter also said that it has received 3.73 million reports of 1.95 million distinct tweets authored by 64,000 distinct Twitter accounts since the test was launched.

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In addition, Twitter said that information was used to review a subset of tweets identified by users for potential violations and to identify emerging trends and narratives in misinformation around the world, among others.

Earlier, Twitter Southeast Asia Managing Director Arvinder Gujral told ABS-CBN News that misinformation was among the biggest challenges the company was facing just like all other social media platforms.

The company has launched several initiatives in order to fight misinformation. Like other social media platforms, Twitter has also removed tweets that violated its rules and regulations, especially during the pandemic.

According to Twitter, it would also apply its vast experience of running a social media platform during an election season to the Philippines’ 2022 elections.

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