Tuesday Vargas Urges Public To Refrain From Harassing Anyone Who Contracted COVID-19

Tuesday Vargas: “Stop COVID-19 shaming.”

TUESDAY VARGAS — The comedienne urged the public to refrain from harassing anyone who contracted the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Tuesday Vargas
Photo: Tuesday Vargas / Instagram

Tuesday revealed in her latest vlog titled “COVID POSITIVE” in her YouTube channel that she had tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time.

To recall, Tuesday first contracted the coronavirus disease back in May 2021 when she wasn’t yet vaccinated. This January 2022, she revealed in her vlog that she’s positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated.

Tuesday mentioned that among the symptoms she encountered were chills, fever, sore throat, cough, headache, LBM (loose bowel movement), and night sweats.

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She also shared that her partner, Joseph Puducay, and her son, Kaya, also tested positive for COVID-19 and experienced symptoms of coronavirus disease.

Tuesday then told the public to be careful, to strengthen their body, and to be vigilant so that they didn’t get the virus and infect others.

“Pangalawang COVID-19 ko na ito. I tested positive in May 2021, tapos ngayon ulit. Pray for us guys, ipagdarasal ko rin lahat ng mga may pinagdadaanan na sakit ngayon,” Tuesday said. “Moral of the story here is that, it’s good that the cases went down in December….But that doesn’t give us license to be relaxed, let go of the protocols…Ito ‘yung singil sa pagiging complacent.”

Tuesday Vargas and family
Photo: Tuesday Vargas / Instagram

Tuesday also narrated how she noticed her coronavirus symptoms after arriving from Boracay Island for vacation with her family.

According to her, they arrived last December 30 and they didn’t know there were people who arrived before them that weren’t feeling well, adding that they came in close contact with them on December 31.

On the evening of January 2, the comedienne shared that she woke up in the middle of the night with a slight fever. She added that they got home on January 4, got tested, and got negative antigen test results at home.

However, she shared that they decided to isolate first because all three of them were feeling something — their throats were itching.

Since January 4 we were home. On January 5, we got tested on antigen, we were all negative,” Tuesday shared. “On January 6th we tested positive on the antigen. We got an RT-PCR right then and there na drive-through lang.

She then reflected on what she realized after her 2nd coronavirus infection with the dreaded virus.

Tuesday said that coronavirus was still present in communities and advised the public to be vigilant, to keep their families healthy, and “don’t go out of your bubbles”.

Also, Tuesday compared how her second coronavirus infection was less severe, saying that she bounced back more quickly and she felt the difference between being vaccinated and not being vaccinated.

Tuesday then reminded the public that the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t shield a person 100% from the virus. She also urged the public to refrain from harassing anyone who contracted the coronavirus disease.

Stop COVID-19 shaming, ‘wag na po tayong magsisihan, magtulungan na lang po tayo. Be easy on yourself, take care of yourself, and stop COVID-19 shaming. Stay healthy, God bless, I hope everybody will recover from this,” Tuesday said.

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