Morissette Amon Shares Backstory About Wedding With Dave Lamar

Morissette Amon shared a backstory about her wedding with Dave Lamar.

MORISSETTE AMON — The singer recently took to social media to share a backstory about her wedding with her husband Dave Lamar.

Morissette Amon and Dave Lamar
Photo: Morissette Amon / Instagram

Days after announcing that she and Dave were officially husband and wife, she shared one backstory about her wedding with the fellow singer.

Sharing photos of the two of them together, Morissette shared that God has always made Himself known in their relationship, even before the two of them knew it.

He allowed for us to meet, connect through music, grow our friendship, realized how much we wanted each other, challenged us, separated us, grew on our own, brought us back, challenged each other, realized how much we needed each other, and blessed us the strength to fight for our love,” Morissette said.

However, she admitted that there were moments they wanted to give up. They instead trusted that God was with them every step of the way and they believed that it was God who built their foundation as a couple.

Morissette Amon and Dave Lamar
Photo: Morissette Amon / Instagram

On the day of their actual wedding, the singer said that she and her partner also took the heavy downpour as a sign of how they overcame everything in their relationship.

According to her, the rain was a blessing because not only did it make the event feel like a movie but it also brought her and Dave closer together under God’s umbrella.

Up until our wedding day, the rain poured and poured.. but never did we feel discouraged because I take it as God reminding us how we got through everything and made it to where we are now,” Morissette said.

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In the same post, Morissette shared that when their wedding team told them to bring a gift for each other and present it right before the wedding ceremony, she immediately knew what she wanted to give her partner.

She shared that the rings and necklace were her partner’s gifts to her during the first round of their relationship and those two leather notebooks which were Dave’s journals/letters during the time they were apart.

In 2019 when we officially got back together, he gave me these notebooks and I read every page and was instantly on a time machine,” Morissette said. “I decided to return these items because I now am free from the past.. and ready to take on the future, with this new chapter in our lives.

The couple have yet to divulge more details of the wedding, including when it was held. However, they revealed that the wedding ceremony was held at The Old Grove Farmstead in Lipa City, Batangas.

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