Homeless Man Gets Emotional While Celebrating Dog’s Birthday Party

Heartbreaking Video of Homeless Man Who Gets Emotional While Celebrating Dog’s Birthday Party Touches Hearts of Netizens

The heartbreaking video of a homeless man who gets emotional while celebrating the birthday party of his dog goes viral online.

A Facebook user named David Guerrero has shared the video footage of a homeless man who secretly weeps while celebrating the birthday party of his dog. The video spread like a wildfire online after it has been posted on social media.

In the video, the homeless man named Choco celebrated his dog’s birthday with a small party at the steps of the Bucaramanga town square in Colombia. The guy together with his dogs Shaggy and Nena enjoy the little party.

Homeless Man

Choco prepares a cake and light the candles for the dog. He even sang a birthday song for his fur baby and blew the cake afterwards. He even sliced the cake and give it to his dogs rather than eating it by himself only.

After a few moments, the homeless guy gets emotional and even bursts into tears during the celebration. He even gives his fur babies more hugs and kisses.

Guerrero who was a human rights activist decided to film the heartwarming moment and got touched of what he had witnessed during that day. He also searched for Choco and found out that the homeless man considers Nena and Shaggy as his family.

Homeless Man

David also helped Choco to find a job and assisted him to find a home where he and his dogs can live. The kind-hearted netizen just wanted to help the guy and prevent him from celebrating special occasions in the streets again.

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