Cristy Fermin: “Napanaginip ko, namatay si Kris Aquino”

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The bad dream of Cristy Fermin about Kris Aquino

CRISTY FERMIN – The showbiz veteran shared her bad dream about Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino.

Cristy Fermin and Kris Aquino
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It was just recently when the actress-host went to social media wherein she gave an update about her health.

In her post, she admitted that she’s far from being okay.

She also said that it would be long before she strengthen her body and heal her broken heart.

A lot of people express their concern to her and among those is no less than Cristy Fermin.

But in the January 17 episode of her program Cristy Ferminute along with Rommel Chika, the entertainment columnist shared the bad dream she had about Kris.

Based on her dream, Kris failed to fight her illness and apparently, she passed away.

“Napanaginip ko, namatay si Kris Aquino. Idinala raw siya sa ibang bansa, hindi naman sinabi kung sa Singapore o Amerika, nakadalawang linggo raw siya sa ospital, pero pumanaw rin,” she said.

According to her, she felt really sad when she woke up because before she slept, she offered Kris a long and thoughtful prayer.

Watch the video below:

If she were to ask, Cristy wanted Kris to have a longer life.

Previously, Cristy advised Kris to seek “albularyo” or witch doctor for the treatment of her illness.

Kris Aquino has yet to give an update about her health but she once said that she might go abroad for the cure of her illness which she’s yet to disclose.

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