China Roces Clarifies She and Tim Sawyer are Just Friends

China Roces makes clarification about her and Tim Sawyer

CHINA ROCES – The vlogger made clarification with regards to her allegedly rekindled romance with Tim Sawyer.

China Roces and Tim Sawyer
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China and Tim are rumored to have gotten back together as a couple.

They spent Christmas together along with their son and recently, they made a buzz online following their video where they can be seen being cozy with each other.

At one point, Tim even kissed China on the cheeks. Some netizens speculate that they might have rekindled their failed relationship.

But China Roces was quick to refute rumors between her and Tim.

She stressed that she and Tim are only friends and doing as such for the sake of their child.

It can be recalled that it was just last year when China and Tim made a buzz on the internet following their controversial breakup.

This was after China went Livestream using Tim’s page to share their argument. According to her, Tim does not give enough support despite the fact that he’s earning millions through vlogging.

The said argument between China and Tim reached the Raffy Tulfo in Action (RTIA) program.

Tim ended being faced with three counts of Republic Act 9262 and if proven guilty, might be jailed for six (6) years up to eight (8) years.

Apparently, China did not pursue filing a case against Tim- who called what she did an “online circus.”

Eventually, China had a boyfriend in the person of internet celebrity, Papi Paul. It was in September this year when they got engaged. Unfortunately, they broke up just last month.

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