Bacolod Lawyer Airs Frustration After VIPs Receive Special Treatment

Bacolod Lawyer Criticizes Management for Giving Special Treatment to VIP During Vaccination

A Bacolod lawyer has expressed its frustrations after VIPs received special treatment and jumped in the line for booster shot.

A Facebook user named Revo Sorbito has expressed its disappointment to the management for giving special treatment to alleged VIPs. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Sorbito narrated that he is queueing at SM City Bacolod, Negros Occidental for his booster shot when a VIP arrived. The alleged personality clutched forms and vaccine cards. The person instructed his wards to wait.

Bacolod Lawyer

The personality suddenly went to the person-in-charge and had a short conversation while carrying a designer bag in hand. The lawyer just stare at them while waiting for his turn to be vaccinated.

After a few moments, the VIP give a go signal to his colleagues and directly went to the front line with queueing. The personality and his wards finished their vaccination in an instant while ordinary people like him patiently wait for their turn.

The incident has been very common in the Philippines and becomes a part of the Filipino culture, which is not a good trait.

Bacolod Lawyer
Bacolod Lawyer

Here is the full post:

Was at SM City today for our vaccine booster shot. Mr VIP arrives clutching forms and vaccine cards, 4 alta sociedads in tow. He methodically instructs his wards to sit and wait while he goes straight to the person-in-charge flawlessly and effortlessly, designer bag in hand, oblivious to indios like me patiently waiting their turn. Upon signal from Mr. VIP, the gods and goddesses rise with a “we dont f_cki*”g wait in line” stride.

Descending from the heavens, Mr. VIP and cohorts’ Vaccine booster shots done in 10 minutes while lesser mortals wait in line, mouths agape. Classic Filipino padrino culture.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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