Aubrey Miles Tests Positive for COVID-19

Aubrey Miles tests positive for coronavirus disease

AUBREY MILES – The actress tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19.

Aubrey Miles
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The COVID-19 pandemic remains to be the biggest challenge that the country is facing today. This disease that started way back in 2019 at Wuhan, China has placed a lot of lives at risk and has even taken the lives of many people

A lot of personalities such as celebrities, elites, and even politicians were infected with the coronavirus as well.

Among those who contracted the dreaded virus is no less than actress Aubrey Miles.

Recently, she went to the image-sharing site, Instagram wherein she confirmed that she’s positive of the virus.

According to her, she’s symptomatic- which means she’s experiencing symptoms. She said she has a cough with phlegm, runny nose, and chills the other night. Fortunately, she did not lose her sense of taste.

She stressed that despite being protected inside our homes, it’s somehow negligible to catch the disease.

Nevertheless, she reminded the public to “stay hydrated, vitamin c, etc and stay home.”

Meanwhile, the country is being threatened with the sudden increase of COVID-19 cases. In fact, there are 37,070 new COVID-19 cases in the Philippines as of Monday, January 17, 2022.

On the other hand, 23 new deaths have been recorded, raising the total number of fatalities to 52,929 while 33,940 additional recoveries have been logged bringing the total of 2,898,507.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Philippines has confirmed 3,242,374 COVID-19 cases. Currently, there are 290,938 active cases.

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