Remember Ruel Vernal? Here’s What Happened to the Kontrabida Icon After Leaving Showbiz

Here’s what happened to Ruel Vernal after he left showbiz

RUEL VERNAL – The veteran actor rose to fame as kontrabida icon in Philippine cinema from the ’70s until early 2000.

Ruel Vernal
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In his more than three decades in showbiz, he has starred in many films playing an antagonist role along with the biggest stars of his generation.

He appeared in movies of Fernando Poe Jr., such as Asedillo (1971), Iyo Ang Tondo Kanya ang Cavite (1986), and Muslim .357 (1986).

But by the end of the ’90s and in the early 2000s, his career started to fade. Eventually, he decided to leave showbiz.

Presently, Ruel is already 75 years old. He lives in Florida, USA with his son Kevin Vernal, who was once an actor.

In an interview with, Kevin shared that when his brother, Mark, who’s an actor before decided to go to the US around 2004 or 2005, he joined the US Army.

In 2006, Kevin followed him and also entered the army. At the time, their father Ruel is still in the Philippines.

Then, they filed a petition to be with their father in the US.

According to Kevin, his father is enjoying life away from the limelight.

“Every day he goes to the gym. That’s his passion right now. He goes to the gym. He’s fit. Super fit. Mahilig siyang magluto,” he said.

Kevin also bought a car for his father since he loves to travel.

Kevin said there was a time he asked his father if he misses the Philippines: “Sabi niya, I miss it.”

He added that they are planning to spend some time in the country once the pandemic is over.

For now, Kevin wanted his father to enjoy his life.

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  1. I admire Ruel Vernal acting as antagonist role.He is very cool when doing his part.Its been long time,at this senior age he must enjoy his life of stress less and privately out of limelight to have more time with his children.More power and God bless.


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