President Duterte Tells “Odette” Victims Not To Use “Ayuda” On Gambling, Liquor

President Duterte told “Odette” victims not to use “ayuda” on gambling and liquor.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE — The Philippine President warned typhoon “Odette” victims that their incoming financial assistance or “ayuda” shouldn’t be used on gambling and liquor.

President Duterte
Photo: PCOO

Speaking to typhoon “Odette” victims on Siargao Island last December 22, the President said that the cash assistance will reach them any day — between Thursday and Monday.

The President then told typhoon “Odette” victims that they shouldn’t ever use the cash assistance to buy alcoholic beverages. According to him, he’ll “beat them up” and will “really punch them” if he found out that they didn’t hand in their salary to their family.

In all honesty, to the single men here, when you receive the financial aid, don’t ever use it to buy alcoholic beverages. I won’t allow it,” the President said in Bisaya. “Even the police, if I find out that they didn’t hand in their salary to their family, I’ll beat them up. I will really punch them.

President Duterte floated at least two amounts of “ayuda” that the affected families could receive. However, the President didn’t give a final amount during his speech there.

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President Duterte also told typhoon “Odette” victims that they shouldn’t waste money because times are hard. According to him, the food supply won’t be a problem because it’s already here and the money will arrive “on Friday, or maybe Monday”.

To those who don’t care, you may just use the money to gamble. And when you run out of money, you get hungry. I’ll make the typhoon come back for you then,” the President said in jest.

On Thursday afternoon, the President visited Puerto Princesa City in Palawan wherein he would make the same warning against the misuse of the cash assistance.

Specifically, the President vowed to go after the men who failed to use the money for the needs of their respective families.

This money is really for survival, lalo na sa mga bata,” the President said.

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