‘Mineral Water’ Allegedly Sold for 110 Pesos Per Liter in Cebu; Seller Makes Clarification

Mineral water for 110 pesos per liter?

CEBU – A netizen took to social media wherein she exposed her conversation with a seller who’s allegedly selling mineral water at 110 pesos per liter or 2090 per gallon.

mineral water
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It was just recently when Odette, the 15th tropical cyclone for 2021, devastated various parts of the country.

The typhoon wreaks havoc leaving more than 300 casualties as of posting. It is estimated that the damage left is worth millions in infrastructure and agricultural areas.

Among those severely affected is the province of Cebu. In fact, over 40 died there due to the typhoon.

Meanwhile, a certain Mira Ygot went to Facebook wherein she shared her conversation with a seller in Cebu.

The netizen was trying to buy mineral water.

However, she found out that it is being sold for 110 pesos per liter.

The seller advised Ygot to line up in order to avail a discount.

But the netizen was not convinced. She reminded the seller not to overprice the item she’s selling.

The seller issued a statement claiming that there was a misunderstanding between her and Ygot.

According to her, she’s selling “gasoline” and not mineral water.

But some netizens said that it can still be considered “overpriced” since gasoline is being sold for only 50-60 pesos.

“Gasolina man o tubig hindi parin tama ang presyo niya. Sabihan niya pa na pumila ang buyer… masyado silang makasarili at ginawa pa nila ito sa gitna ng kalamidad.. bawal dapat ang paghohoard,” said a netizen in Cebuano.

There are some who defended the seller and stressed that there’s miscommunication between them. Others advised the netizen to take down her post.

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