Jak Roberto Takes GF Barbie Forteza On Food Trip Date In Tagaytay

Jak Roberto took Barbie Forteza on a food trip date in Tagaytay.

JAK ROBERTO — Kapuso actress Barbie Forteza recently took to social media to thank her boyfriend for taking her on a food trip date in Tagaytay.

Jak Roberto took Barbie Forteza on a food trip date in Tagaytay.
Photo: Barbie Forteza / Instagram

Jak recently took his girlfriend on a food trip date in Tagaytay wherein they enjoyed what looked like sizzling bulalo, some sort of fried delicacy on rice, and then pasta and pizza.

Sharing photos on her Instagram account, Barbie thanked her boyfriend, saying: “Thank you so much for this, Jak. I love you.

Basta ikaw madam. Deserve mo po iyan.” Jak replied.

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Not only did Jak posted photos from their quick getaway on his Instagram account, he also shared on Instagram Stories a cute video of a happy Barbie dancing as the sizzling bulalo was served.

Tuesday getaway with madam,” Jak wrote.

Last month, Jak treated his girlfriend to an early dinner ahead of his 28th birthday.

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The couple had been dating exclusively for 4 happy years. Last November, Barbie said that they haven’t exactly talked about marriage as they’re still just having fun and enjoying their time together.

When it comes to settling down, I think mahaba-habang usapan yan,” Barbie said.

Barbie also said that they wanted to travel together one day soon and that their top destinations include Iceland and Chicago. The couple would also like to return to Japan.

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