Does Cat Have Rabies

Wondering “Does Cat Have Rabies”?
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DOES CAT HAVE RABIES – Are you wondering if the viral infection rabies is present in all cats or if it is an inborn condition?

Undeniably, while there are a lot of people who cannot live without a cat or a dog, there are also those who feel uncomfortable with these animals. In some cases, it is not because they are allergic to fur. Some people are afraid of “rabies”.

Many people are not fully aware of rabies, a viral infection that affects several warm-blooded animals including dogs and cats. It can also affect human beings.

Many people fear rabies because it can be lethal – not only to animals but as well as to human beings. Thousands of people lost their lives to the said viral infection.

Does Cat Have Rabies

The truth is, contrary to what others believe in, rabies is not an in-born infection. Definitely, if you will ask does a cat have rabies, the answer is “no” if it did not have a contact with another animal with the said viral infection.

When does a cat have rabies? The virus can be transmitted once the animal bit and has been bitten by another animal with rabies or has used the bowl of another animal infected with the said virus. It can be transferred through the saliva.

Cats or dogs infected with rabies may show a change in their behavior. Based on an article on Small Door Veterinary, they can suddenly become unfriendly and may experience foaming at the mouth. Furthermore, an infected animal may loss its appetite, how irritability and nervousness, and experience seizure, difficulty swallowing, or drooling.

The symptoms may start appearing two (2) to three (3) days since the animal’s exposure to the virus. In the next one (1) to seven (7) days, that is when the “mad dog” stage may begin. This infection can lead to death.

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