DITO Telecommunity Eyes Rollout Of Broadband Internet Services In Early 2022

DITO Telecommunity was eyeing to roll out its broadband internet services in early 2022.

DITO TELECOMMUNITY — The Philippines’ new major telecommunications player was eyeing to roll out broadband internet services in early 2022.

DITO Telecommunity
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The telco commercially started its operations in March this year.

An official of its parent DITO CME Holdings Corp (DCME) said that DITO was eyeing to roll out broadband internet services in early 2022.

Joseph John Ong, the chief financial officer at DCME, told ABS-CBN News that DITO started with mobile prepaid services but it would become a “full service telco” once its network build was complete.

DITO, which tapped China Telecom for its expertise, recently passed its 2nd year audit, a standard which wasn’t imposed on incumbents PLDT and Globe Telecom.

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Ong also said that prepaid mobile was launched first since it’s “biggest chunk” of the market, adding that postpaid mobile would be available “sometime next year”.

Although we might not provide it in the same form, definitely not the same quality. We’re definitely promising better quality. Even the way it is delivered will be different,” Ong said. “We are not rushing at the moment because we’re still focusing on prepaid but yes we will have all of that.”

Internet use, both broadband and mobile data, surged during the pandemic.

Last September, the telco passed its 2nd technical audit as it has reached 52.75% of national population coverage with average broadband speeds of 89.1 Mbps for 4G and 854 Mbps for 5G.

Meanwhile, DITO Chief Technology Officer Rodolfo Santiago said that the telco would beef up its indoor coverage penetration via the installation of more in-building solutions (IBS) and deployment of more towers.

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