DITO Telecommunity To Improve Indoor Signal

DITO Telecommunity was working to improve its indoor signal.

DITO TELECOMMUNITY — The Philippines’ new major telecommunications player was working to improve and boost its indoor signal, a concern the telco looked to address as it further expanded its coverage.

DITO Telecommunity

Rodolfo Santiago, the chief technology officer at DITO, said that the telco would beef up its indoor coverage penetration via the installation of more in-building solutions and deployment of more towers.

According to Santiago, there were two strategies in order to address the concern — one was to densify their network in order to penetrate more residences, and the other one was to increase their in-building solutions coverage inside major public buildings.

Santiago said that the telco currently has over 200 in-building solutions already finished. He added that they’re very aggressive in terms of their in-building solutions and those 200 were essentially covering the major malls and buildings nationwide.

For the indoor residences, he said that they’re hoping that they can increase the density of towers so that they can provide better indoor coverage.

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In terms of towers, the telco has more than 4,000 to date. The telco, which currently covered more than 500 areas nationwide, was targeting to be commercially available in more than 850 municipalities and cities by the end of 2022.

In the past couple of months it really has been improving. It’s a work in progress, but slowly but surely we’ll get there,” said Adel Tamano, the chief administrative officer at DITO, referring to the telco’s indoor coverage.

A telecommunications company owned by state-owned China Telecommunications and the group of Davao-based businessman Dennis Uy, DITO made its commercial debut last March 8 in selected areas in Mindanao and the Visayas, and made its much-awaited entry in NCR on May 17.

The telco has gained more than 5 million subscribers in just 8 months of operations.

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