10 Lucky Foods for New Year’s Eve 2022 – Year of the Water Tiger

Here are the 10 Lucky Foods That We Can Serve During New Year’s Eve 2022 (Year of the Water Tiger)

Here are the 10 lucky foods that you can serve during New Year’s Eve 2022, which will bring good luck, wealth and good health.

Nowadays, many people all around the world including the Philippines have been preparing delicious and mouth-watering meals during the New Year’s Eve celebration amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A lot of Filipino people were buying foods, which allegedly signifies good luck and prosperity to owners. Serving lucky foods every New Year’s Eve has been already a part of the Filipino culture and tradition throughout the decades.

Lucky Foods

Feng Shui experts have been giving advice to people on how attract luck and good health for the upcoming year. Most of them were suggesting superstitious rituals and foods, which will allegedly bring good health and abundance for the Year of the Water Tiger.

Here are some lucky foods that we can consider to serve during New Year’s Eve 2022:

Big Fish

  • It symbolizes togetherness, wealth and fortune


  • Asian people usually serve long-strand noodles, which represents long life and attract longevity

Jiaozi Dumpling

  • This type of dumpling symbolizes wealth and longevity and its round shape represents old Japanese money


  • The most common food during various celebrations such as birthday, wedding or anniversary party can bring good luck for the year ahead


  • It has been already a part of New Year’s tradition to serve fruits, which represents good health, abundance, fertility, prosperity and other good karma


  • Green color vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, broccoli, and mustard greens represent luck or money. It also contains a lot of nutrients, which can give us a good health.


  • Grains such as rice, risotto, oats, barley and quinoa were believe to bring abundance to owners. It can also drive away negativity and bad omens.


  • It symbolizes growth and progress in the upcoming year

Spring Rolls

  • It is considered as one of the luckiest foods  in Eastern China

Rice Cake

  • Eating this type of food during New Year can allegedly help improvement in fortune, income, health, business, and knowledge

What can you say about these lucky foods?  Just leave your comments and suggestions for this report.

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