Smart Communications Warns Public vs SIM Take-overs

Smart Communications warned the public against SIM take-overs.

Smart Communications recently issued an advisory as the telco warned the public against SIM take-overs or SIM-hijacking.

Smart Communications

Smart recently issued an advisory against SIM-hijacking or SIM take-over because of the reported SIM swapping incident within the telco industry.

The telecommunications company advised its customers to be vigilant from being a victim of cybercriminals and SIM take-overs.

A SIM take-over was when someone tried to transfer one’s SIM’s mobile number to another SIM through social engineering techniques. The telco also mentioned that it’s like a “virtual version of budol-budol” and was also known as “SIM-hijacking” or “SIM-jacking”.

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Smart noted that if a person was compromised, all calls and text messages (SMS) that were supposed to be received by his/her number will be received by the cybercriminal.

Cybercriminals can then use the data in order to hack email account, personal banking account, and other online accounts.

Yugatech reported that Smart implemented a “pinless process” that matches and cross-checks one’s mobile number and his/her device’s unique 16-digit IMEI number.

According to the report, the new SIM can only be activated on the same device last used with the old SIM, thus, preventing unauthorized activation on other devices.

Smart also wished to convey its commitment to ensuring its customers’ data were safe at all times.

The telco added that they have an existing process validating the identity of their customers coming to their stores, with the added verification of the customer’s picture or photo.

Prior to this, Globe Telecom issued an advisory as the telco warned the public against SIM swap scam.

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