Man Re-Marries Ex-Wife After Learning She Is Suffering From Illness

Man Decides to Re-Marry Ex-Wife Few Years After Divorce

A man has decided to re-marry his ex-wife after learning that she is suffering from an illness and so he could take care of her.

A 39-year-guy named Chen Zhenfeng of Henan, China fell in love and married his wife nine years ago. The guy’s wife suffered multiple miscarriages causing their love to grow cold and turned sour.

The couple had a frequent quarrel due to stress and frustration until they have decided to part ways and got divorced. Many people think and assumed that the divorce was the end of their love story.


After a few years, Zhenfeng contacted his former wife to ask her situation and well-being. He also found out that his ex-partner did not find another man and remained single throughout the years.

Unfortunately, Chen discovered that his former partner is suffering from uremia, an end-stage kidney disease that affects her eyesight.

Chen asked the lady to marry him again but the woman initially refused thinking that she would just be a burden to him because of her medical bills and her current sickly situation.

However, the man insisted and expressed his willingness to serve her. He is also willing to donate his other kidney for her.

Even if you can’t see anymore, I can be your eyes. Don’t cry, I’m willing to give up one of my kidneys even if it means I may live a few years less and you can live longer, I have to take responsibility and I will accompany my wife for the rest of my life,” Chen said.

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