OPPO Partners With Riot Games For League of Legends World Championship 2021

OPPO announced its partnership with Riot Games for League of Legends World Championship 2021

OPPO — A smartphone company officially announced its partnership with Riot Games for League of Legends World Championship 2021.

OPPO and Riot Games
Photo source: Gizguide

Gizguide reported that the partnership was part of OPPO’s multi-year contract with Riot Games, which was struck in 2019.

OPPO will benefit from the said agreement by increasing brand awareness among global Esports participants.

This year, the smartphone company will award pro players who have dominated the battlegrounds with extraordinary performances in the finals with the Most Valuable Players Awards.

OPPO will also show gameplay highlights as well as interviews with professional teams and players so that spectators can receive the inside scoop on the professional players and the final game’s development.

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The unyielding spirit of the pro players is similar to OPPO’s relentless strive for innovation when it comes to products and technology. We are constantly concentrating on delivering nothing short of excellence and creating unique experiences for our users,” OPPO VP and President of Global Marketing William Liu said.

OPPO intended to get more involved with regard to the global Esports community and also believed that the pro players’ competitive attitude in the finals will inspire fans to realize their wildest dreams.

The League of Legends World Championship 2021 season 11 will bring together teams from 11 countries and regions for one of the world’s highest-stakes tournaments in history.

Based on the report, the said tournament started last October 5 and will end on November 6 in Engjavegur 8, 104 Reykjavik, Iceland, with the finals taking place on November 6.

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