Cast of Movie Series “Scream” Have No Idea Who’s Behind “Ghostface Mask”

“Scream” Movie Cast Members Have No Idea Who’s Behind the “Ghostface Mask”

The cast of the movie series, “Scream” admitted that they have no idea who’s the person behind the scary “Ghostface Mask”.

The “Scream” movie series is one of the most successful series of slasher horror movies ever since the first movie was released in 1996. The movie becomes a huge commercial success and the ghostface mask becomes among the most popular Halloween costumes.

The movie’s fifth installment is set to be released in 2022 with some famous personalities Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette as well as some celebrities. However, the identity of the person behind the mask remains unknown.

Ghostface Mask

Usually, actors and actresses were socializing with each other to create a chemistry during the shooting. Most of the cast were able to see each other while making a certain project especially when filming the same scenes.

The fans and viewers also expect that the cast members knew each other and their respective roles although the role they were playing are just fictional and just happening on screen.

However, the “Scream” franchise seems to be different because the cast members only received a portion of the script they were in due to the protective directors. No one in the set knew the identity of the person behind the controversial ghostface mask.

Ghostface Mask

“We were really careful to protect the big reveal of the movie, we went as far as to withhold those moments in the script from the actors. We wanted everybody involved, to the degree that we could, to be a part of the whodunit,” Director Tyler Gillett said.

Both viewers and cast members were left hanging while trying to figure out the killer’s identity.

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