BTS Suga Releases Full Version Of Reimagined “Over The Horizon”

BTS member Suga released the full version of reimagined “Over The Horizon”

BTS member Suga recently released the reimagined full version of Samsung Galaxy’s iconic theme “Over The Horizon”.

BTS Suga

Suga proved he’s a world-class artist on and off the stage with his take on “Over the Horizon” as he, who was tapped by Samsung to rework their decade-old ringtone as part of the pop act’s global campaign with the brand, recently uploaded the full version of the song on their SoundCloud page and YouTube channel.

Compared to the initial release Samsung debuted during the Galaxy Unpacked 2021, the newly-released track was three minutes long and featured Suga’s signature rap stylings in the short rhythmic verse at the start and end of the tune.

Suga, who was an acclaimed producer and songwriter behind many of the group’s hits as well as those of other artists like Epik High, IU, and Suran, was able to showcase his versatility at creating a record beyond R&B, pop, and hip-hop with “Over the Horizon”.

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ABS-CBN News reported that while Suga was one of the most credited idols by the Korea Music Copyright Association, prior to the campaign, he had not yet had a hand at producing an instrumental title.

However, he shared that he had been always drawn to instrumentals from a young age and also had long dreamt of creating one.

The first sketch didn’t take long. Everyone loved what I did with the song… the whole process was incredible. I was really excited when they asked me to do the project, I started off feeling it was meant to be,” Suga said.

Based on a report, Suga reinterpreted the iconic piece by keeping the melody largely the same “for it to resonate with a broader audience” and also layered it with a climactic-yet-nostalgic sound by adding inventive nuances in order to make the track “more dramatic” and “to give it full grandeur”.

Suga also shared that he always liked “Over The Horizon” and also heard different versions by different artists. According to him, he aimed for his symphonic piece to motivate listeners to push forward and to inspire them to go beyond their limits amidst the raging global pandemic.

No one knows what will unfold, but our dreams make us go farther than ever. I hope that you will feel your heart open up,” Suga said.

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