Sgt. Arci Muñoz Takes New Role As DILG Disiplina Muna Ambassadress

Sgt. Arci Muñoz was taking on a new role as DILG Disiplina Muna ambassadress

DILG DISIPLINA MUNA — Sgt Arci Muñoz PAFR was taking on her new role as the ambassadress of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) in its campaign for mass COVID-19 vaccination.

Arci Muñoz

In a video campaign, Muñoz said that he’s proud to say that she had been inoculated against COVID-19 and so she’s confident that she and her family were protected.

It’s a commitment that she embraced with full responsibility and courage given the resistance of some people to be inoculated against COVID-19.

If you have the chance please, please don’t be afraid! Do it as your responsibility bilang mamayang Pilipino. I may be weird but I am a weird person who wants to inspire others,” Muñoz said at a recent pocket conference wherein she distracted media with her green-dyed hair.

Muñoz also addressed the issue of preference for some COVID-19 vaccine brands.

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She then urged the public should get vaccinated no matter what COVID-19 vaccine brand was, adding that they should do it for themselves, their family, and the civilians around them.

Also, Muñoz had collaborated with former Nueva Ecija councilor Renan Morales for the expansion of the COVID-19 vaccine outreach program in the provinces.

Muñoz’s appeal at that point was to junk any romantic issue between her and Morales whom she met through common friend JM de Guzman last year.

It just happened that we have the same vision in life. Let’s not mix it up with showbiz tsismis. Let’s focus on the stuff na makakatulong sa sitwasyon natin,” Muñoz said.

Morales also supported Muñoz’s agenda to educate the public about the need for inoculation. He told ABS-CBN News that he’s hoping that all Filipinos will be vaccinated by the end of the year.

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