Two-Headed Piglet Born in Cotabato

Unusual piglet born in Cotabato

A piglet with two heads was born on July 6 in Barangay Bialong in M’lang town in Cotabato.

Photo credit to the owner

According to the family of Eloisa Fame Baliguat, of the 10 piglets- one of them has two heads.

However, the unusual piglet passed away a day after it was born.

They had already observed the piglet seemingly having difficulty breathing and lethargy.

They even tried to get it close to the mother pig but it wouldn’t move.

In their three years of raising pigs, it was the first time they had ever experienced a pig with two heads.

This is not the first that an unusual pig was born.

Two piglets with snake-colored skin were born last year in Barangay Alugmawa in Lambunao, Iloilo.

Mara Dayanara Legario was shocked to see the piglets tattered with snake-colored skin which prompted her to take photos of them and posted it on the social networking site, Facebook.

“So nung nakita ko ang pigs yung initial reaction ko was oh my God, mukha talagang snake-skinned so I immediately took photos and videos which I uploaded on Facebook,” she said.

The family Legario considers the piglets as a blessing.

The piglets are healthy and lively.

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