Pinoy Artist Makes Dog Size Zoids Out of Recycled Plastics

Take a look at the dog size Zoids

A Filipino artist took to social media wherein he shared his one-of-a-kind dog size Zoids made of recycled plastics.

On Facebook, a certain Bongbong Valentino posted via the Facebook group, KATHA ( FILIPINO FIGURE CUSTOMIZERS AND ARTISTS) his masterpieces.

Take a look:

Photo credit to the owner

His post is currently making rounds online garnering reactions from the netizens.

Many lauded the Pinoy artist for his creativity and some are even rooting him to be featured via Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS).

Meanwhile, Zoids is a Japanese science fiction media franchise created by Tomy that feature giant robots (or “mecha”) called “Zoids”.

A Zoid is essentially a large mechanical animal, with designs being based on animals; including dinosaurs, insects, arachnids and mythological creatures.

The franchise started with a model-kit-based toy line and includes five main anime TV series (Chaotic Century, New Century, Fuzors, Genesis and Wild) as well as several video games and manga products.

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