Ping Medina Slammed by Netizen: “Sabong pa more JUAN TAMAD!”

Netizen to Ping Medina: “Sabong pa more JUAN TAMAD! Pa condo2x ka pa eh wala ka na mang pera.”

PING MEDINA – The actor was slammed by a netizen on the image-sharing site, Instagram following his earlier post about monetary donations.

Ping Medina
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On Sunday, July 25, Ping admitted that he has run out of money due to business losses and a series of misfortunes this year.

Although he did not want to ask for money, he needed financial assistance to pay the rent of the condo unit where he lives and the physical store of his sausage sandwiches business.

“So now, I’m publicly begging for birthday donations. For me,” he said.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s 1 or 1000 pesos. Please know that you extending a helping hand is the most important gesture here. Today, I am relying on your kindness,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ping Medina took to social media anew. This time, he posted a portrait of Peque Gallaga which was painted by his father Pen Medina in 1985.

His post earned amazement from netizens but a netizen with a handle name (jbgoode305) lambasted him for apparently begging money just recently.

The netizen commented: “Sabong pa more JUAN TAMAD! Pa condo2x ka pa eh wala ka na mang pera. Alam namin yang mga perang nakuha mo para sa ONLINE SABONG MO GAGO! Mag tiktok ka na lang para kay lugaw para may pang sugal ka.”

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