Man Being Confronted, Yells at Police Officers: “Hindi nyo kilala sinong tatay ko”

Man yells at police officers, “Hindi nyo kilala sinong tatay ko”

A man being confronted by police officers apparently yelled at them saying, “Hindi nyo kilala sinong tatay ko.”

confronted by police
Photo Credit: Facebook/screengrab

A video wherein a man and police officers can be seen in a heated argument has gone viral online, particularly on Facebook.

In the said clip, the man refused to be handcuffed by the policemen.

He even yelled at the surrounding police officers while insulting them.

He can also be heard on the video: “Hindi nyo kilala sinong tatay ko”

Watch the video below:

The clip which was posted on the Facebook page Nuffsaid Society has already earned numerous views and reactions.

But some netizens were blaming the policemen over the escalated commotion, for not arresting the guy immediately.

Others were quick to defend the policemen that they are just enforcing maximum tolerance.

However, it was unclear what earlier violation the guy made that resulted in his apprehension.

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