Google Pay Can Store Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Cards On Android Devices

Google Pay can store digital COVID-19 vaccination cards on Android devices.

Google announced on Wednesday that Google Pay can save, store, and display digital COVID-19 vaccination cards on Android devices. However, COVID-19 vaccine providers will determine the support for those digital vaccine cards.

Digital COVID-19 vaccination card
Photo source: Gizchina

9to5Google reported that Google Pay was gaining the ability to save COVID-19 vaccination cards to an Android device. The new capability came as an update to Google Pay’s “Passes API” used to store other non-payment cards.

Once your digital COVID-19 vaccination card provider supported the new API, you will be able to save the card locally on your Android device. For privacy, Google Pay won’t store your data in the cloud, share it with third parties, or use it to target ads.

Since the core contactless payments and passes aspects of Google Pay were included in Play Services on Android, you won’t need to use the new Google Pay app, which only allowed you to be signed in from one device at a time.

This means that your digital COVID-19 vaccination card will be able to be saved to multiple devices if you wished.

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However, since it wasn’t being stored in the cloud, you will need to manually add the card to every device.

Instead, you will be able to save a shortcut to your homescreen in order to quickly access your COVID-19 vaccination card via Google Pay.
You will need to enter your pin/password or biometrics to view or share the COVID-19 vaccination card in order to further ensure your medical privacy.

In the visual example Google provided (see photo above), Healthvana, a company specific to Los Angeles County, was seen offering a COVID-19 vaccination card.

On the card itself, you can see the basics such as which manufacturer’s COVID-19 vaccine you received and when. By tapping “Details,” you can find more information like where you received the COVID-19 vaccine and which lot number the COVID-19 vaccine doses came from.

Based on a report, Google Pay’s ability to save and display digital COVID-19 vaccination cards will start rolling out in the US in the coming weeks before expanding to other countries.

Interested agencies/companies can reach out to Google to get enrolled in the program to offer their digital COVID-19 vaccination cards on Android.

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