Facebook To Release Own Smartwatch In Summer 2022

Facebook will release its own smartwatch in Summer 2022.

Facebook will release its own smartwatch in the Summer of 2022 as the company was hoping for sales in the hundreds of thousands of devices.

Facebook smartwatch
Photo source: The Verge

Based on a report on The Verge, the said device will differ in design from the usual gadgets of the said type and the smartwatch will have two cameras that a user can detach from the strap for taking pictures and videos that users can upload to the Facebook ecosystem applications.

The front camera of the smartwatch will be in use primarily for video calls, while the rear camera with an autofocus lens and 1080p resolution can be in use to shoot full videos. To activate it, the smartwatch will have to be removed from the strap.

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However, Gizchina cited its source as saying that Facebook was working with partners in order to create different accessories so that the smartwatch can be attached to different objects, adding that the company was in talks with US cellular operators and planned to equip its device with LTE support.

At the same time, Facebook was working on the further development of the said project. “We are already working on the second and third version of the watch. The ultimate goal may be to pair smartwatches with augmented reality glasses in the future, which Facebook is also about to launch on the market”.

The first version of the smartwatch will be available in different colors at once; the announcement will then take place in the summer of 2022 with an estimated price of around USD 400.

Facebook was hoping for sales in the hundreds of thousands of devices.

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