President Duterte Tells Aides Not To Call Him “Ginoong Presidente” or “Mahal na Presidente”

President Duterte had told his aides not to call him “Ginoong Presidente” or “Mahal na Presidente”.

President Rodrigo Duterte had told his aides to refrain from calling him “Ginoong Presidente” or “Mahal na Presidente” to address him.

President Duterte
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“Ginoong Presidente”

In a taped May 17 meeting with the COVID-19 task force that aired on Tuesday morning, President Duterte explained that “Ginoo” in Tagalog means “mister” but also means “God” in Bisaya.

Ang mga Bisaya diyan sa probinsiya, hindi man nila alam kung anong ginoo, sabi ‘Bakit naman tinatawag na ginoo ito? Kailan pa ba ito na naging Diyos itong y*** na itong Duterte na ‘to?” President Duterte said.

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“Mahal na Presidente”

Aside from this, the President also said that his aides need not call him “mahal na Presidente” either. According to the President, they knew that they loved each other and came together because they loved the Philippines.

Alam naman nila nagmamahalan tayo dito, kaya tayo nagsama-sama because we love our country and that is really the focal point of what we are here for,” he said.

With this, President Duterte suggested that his aides should call him “President” or “Mayor” instead. The President also shared that he’s more comfortable with “Mayor” because according to him, “mas maganda sa tainga ko“.

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