Jerald Napoles Mistakenly Tagged in J&T Express’s Reply

Jerald Napoles on J&T Express: “bakit ako? Malay ko jan… naghuhugas lang ako ng pinggan dito sa bahay eh.”

JERALD NAPOLES – The actor/comedian/singer was mistakenly tagged by J&T Express.

Jerald Napoles
Credit to rightful owner of the photos

Recently, a certain AnjeLika Mallorca Napoles rant on the logistics company.

She wrote: “Bat po ganun lagi ako walang record sa j&t tapos parcel ko ndi nakakarating sakin pero pinabayaran ng supplier ko ang items ko tapos ndi man lang nakakarating saakin #J&tTaytayRizal”

J&T Express Philippines replied to her query: “Hello, AnjeLika Mallorca Jerald Napoles! Please send us the waybill/tracking number so we can assist you properly. Thank you! -LC”

Unfortunately, the name of actor-singer Jerald Napoles was mistakenly tagged.

To which he replied: “bakit ako? Malay ko jan… naghuhugas lang ako ng pinggan dito sa bahay eh.”

He posted their interaction on the social networking site, Facebook and it garnered mixed reactions and comments from the netizens.

Meanwhile, Jerald Napoles is a theater actor and comedian known for his role as Tolits in the musical stage play Rak of Aegis.

At press time, he is a talent of VIVA Entertainment and ABS-CBN.

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