Ron Samaniego: “Si Raffy Tulfo na siguro mag tutuloy ng mga sinasabi ko?”

Ron Samaniego: “Si Raffy Tulfo na siguro mag tutuloy ng mga sinasabi ko?”

RON SAMANIEGO RAFFY TULFO — Dr. Ron recently took to social media as he wanted to make a point about the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the Philippines.

Ron Samaniego Raffy Tulfo

To recall, Raffy Tulfo reported that news had allegedly reached him about some anomalies in the practice of some agencies related to COVID-19 as well as vaccines and medicines against COVID-19.

Using his new Facebook page, Ron shared that he already watched Raffy Tulfo’s videos about it and reacted to it as well.

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In his Facebook live video, Ron said that he was thinking if his haters would ask Raffy Tulfo about his statement. He then told his haters to tell Raffy Tulfo what they said to him.

Kung ano ang sinasabi ko, sinabi din ni Raffy Tulfo. Pa’no ngayon niyan? Baka maganda, tirahin niyo si Raffy Tulfo? Sabihin mo kay Raffy Tulfo ‘Raffy Tulfo, hindi ka nga medical doctor diba? Bakit ka nagsasalita?’ Pakisabi nga kay Raffy Tulfo yun? Diba sabi sakin ng DOH, fake news ako? Pakisabi nga kay Raffy Tulfo na fake news siya. Pakisabi nga kay Raffy Tulfo na ilabas ang ebidensiya niya,” Ron said.

Ron also said that he’s thinking if Raffy Tulfo will continue what he wanted to say to the public, adding that his live video might be his last video as well.

Meanwhile, Doc Adam debunked Raffy Tulfo’s statement about Ivermectin, saying that Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 hadn’t been approved in many countries because there’s no study yet to prove its validity.

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