Kelley Day Returns To PH After Miss Eco International Competition

Kelley Day returned to the Philippines after representing the country for the Miss Eco International competition.

Kelley Day recently took to social media as she shared that she finally returned to the Philippines after representing the country for the Miss Eco International competition in Egypt.

Kelley Day
Photo: Kelley Day / Instagram

Miss Eco International 2021 First Runner-Up Kelley Day had landed in the Philippines after spending over a month in Egypt for the Miss Eco International stint.

To mark her return to the Philippines, Kelley went on Instagram to thank her supporters for their support throughout the said competition.

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As seen in the caption on her Instagram post Last April 26, Kelley said that she had received a lot of well-wishes and she gave an update to her supporters saying that she arrived in Manila on Monday afternoon.

In addition, Kelley thanked her supporters for all the lovely messages and prayers, adding that she can’t express enough gratitude to her closest friends and family who had been just a call (or calls) away.

Kelley also shared a short video of herself, bare-faced, to tell her supporters that she was currently in self-isolation in Manila to follow COVID-19 protocols of the Philippines.

Hey, everyone. Good evening. It’s 10:30 pa lang, and I want to give you all an update that I am in Manila. I flew in this afternoon, arrived, and checked in to my quarantine hotel, where I’ll be staying for the next seven days. Yeah, I just want to give you guys this update that I’m finally back home in Manila and really happy to be back,” Kelley said in a video.

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