Densing, Kim Chiu Same Vibes? Sa Classroom May Batas VS Ang Lugaw

Does Kim Chiu, USEC Densing III Have The Same Vibes?

KIM CHIU, DENSING – Netizens say that USEC Epimaco Densing III shared the same vibes with Kim Chiu for his “Ang Lugaw” statement.

It seems like every Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), a viral meme comes to life. Last year, it was Kim Chiu and her “Sa Classroom May Batas” interview. This time, it was Densing’s “Ang Lugaw” statements.

Densing, Kim Chiu Same Vibes? Sa Classroom May Batas VS Ang Lugaw

Apparently, the ECQ has some special effect that lowers are communication skills, some netizens jested. However, there are striking similarities between the statements. Here is the transcript from Densing’s statement:

“Tama ‘yung sinabi niya. Sabi niya kasi, non-essential si Lugaw. Pero kung sinabi niya essential ang lugaw, ‘yun tama ‘yun. Ang lugaw. Pero si lugaw ang binanggit niya. Non-essential talaga yun sa paningin namin”.

Meanwhile, here’s Kim Chiu’s:

Sa classroom may batas, bawal lumabas, oh bawal lumabas. Pero pag sinabi, pag nagcomply ka na bawal lumabas pero may ginawa ka sa pinagbabawal nila, inayos mo yung law ng classroom nyo at sinubmit mo ulit ay pwede na pala ikaw lumabas.

But, Densing’s words may not be as jumbled as Chiu’s. During the interview, he did give emphasis to “Si Lugaw” versus “Ang Lugaw”. As such, netizens theorize that he might be referring to Leni Robredo which her critics call “Leni Lugaw”.

Back in January of 2020, Leni went on a relief mission to help refugees of Taal Volcano Island during its unrest. There, she gave out lugaw and pandesal which was made fun of by her critics, calling it politicking amid a crisis.

Still, instead of acting negatively, Robredo owned the attacks directed toward her and used it to further promote her relief efforts.

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