Supportive Husband Helps Wife to Make Educational Videos for Online Classes

Supportive Husband Goes Viral After Helping Wife to Make Educational Videos

A supportive husband takes a video while helping his beloved wife to make educational videos for online classes.

Nowadays, most schools in different countries all around the world have shifted from traditional learning to distance learning system amid the coronavirus pandemic. The measures aims to ensure the safety of both students and teachers.

Teachers have to conduct their classes via Zoom or other social media platforms and some of them were making self-learning modules for the students since face-to-face classes are still prohibited.

Supportive Husband

Recently, a TikTok user Yayang Julita (@yayangjulitaaa) shared a sweet TikTok video of her parents while making an educational video. Her mother is trying to record the video for her online class.

The teacher let her husband hold the camera and wear the script so she could not forget what to say. The netizens find the viodeo so adorable especially when looking into the face of Yayang’s dad.

Supportive Husband

Many social media users lauded the supportive husband for helping his wife with her task at school. The couple looks so sweet while making the educational video for online learning.

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