Netizens React on Cryptic Posts of Kaalaman

Here’s the reaction of netizens about the cryptic posts of Kaalaman

Netizens were left puzzled after knowledge channel Kaalaman took to Facebook wherein it posted a series of cryptic messages and a video.

Photo Credit: Kaalaman/Facebook

It was on March 3 when Kaalaman first posted: “CNBC VRL CNBC VRLC XWN CFX XWN CFX XWN CFX CFX CQANN.”

Some netizens claimed that the Facebook page of Kaalaman which has over 3 million followers, has been hacked.

In another post, its FB page noted: “HTSSJHYNTS JXYFGQNXMJI!…….. NR NS!”

While the other post can be read: “KWNWF LZAJLQ KWNWF HGKL EWJAVAWE….”

In the latest post of the renowned knowledge channel, he posted a creepy video on the said social media platform.

His cryptic posts on social media immediately generated mixed reactions from the netizens with some expressing their concern for the YouTuber.

Here’s the comment of some netizens:

Others are even hinted that “Mr. K” was trying to send a code regarding his whereabouts or his current situation.

Kaalaman, who’s known for his interesting facts and theories on YouTube wherein he has 2.2 million subscribers, last featured the urban legend about “Pepsi Paloma” and Eraserhead’s hit single, Spolarium wherein he mentioned the names of Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, Richie D’Horsey and Senator Tito Sotto.

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