Kris Aquino Defends Sons Josh & Bimby Over Issues, Netizens React

Message of Kris Aquino Over Issues Against Sons Josh & Bimby

KRIS AQUINO – The actress-TV host took to social media a defense to her sons, Josh Aquino and Bimby Aquino Yap, over the issues against them.

Recently, the sons of Queen of All Media Kris Aquino became the target of issues and speculations on social media. The first one to be attacked was her eldest son, Joshua.

Joshua or more commonly called as “Josh” is the actress’ son with action star Philip Salvador. She has always been vocal that Philip does not interfere about their son thus they have no problem.

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Previously, there were fake reports that Josh got a woman pregnant. In defense of her son, the actress posted a challenge to bring the said woman whom her son got pregnant to them.

Another issue targeted the youngest son of Kris Aquino, Bimby Aquino-Yap. A clip showing him covering his mouth while laughing went viral on social media. It threw shade on his gender preference.

On her Instagram post, Kris stressed that Bimby is currently 13 years old and she knows that her son does not identify to be “gay” but assured that in case it happens, he will still be her son.

Kris stated that what is clear to her is that there are people who are not sitting well with how she’s standing well despite all the efforts to bring her down. According to her, as a private citizen, she’s doing her part to help using her own money.

Kris Aquino stressed that she knows the motives why her children are attacked. Here’s her Instagram post:

The message of Kris Aquino in defense to her sons, Josh and Bimby, caught the netizens’ attention. Here are some of the comments on her Instagram post:

@arienne_jean: “That’s one of the prices you have to pay for being in the limelight, Ms”

@candyful: “I think I found my President for the next election”

@mountain2322: “Don’t feed the trolls, I guess you know what I mean.”

@dee_jayp: “Na awa ako sa anak mo you should not have done that in front of the camera or much better did not post that video”

@foodtripbakamo_: *sigh* People nowadays. Please stop any form of bullying, not just for Ms. Kris’ children, but to any children of this generation. You don’t know what harm it may cause to their mental health”

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